Budapest Open 2022 | Português


At conclusion of each last round, an award ceremony of the groups will take place where results are known.

The winner of the medal must attend the ceremony in person in order to receive his/her medal. If a competitor is absent during the awarding ceremony for no valid reason, he/she will lose the right to have the medal.

It is permitted for competitors on the podium to bring national flag. Any demonstration of religious or political sign is prohibited. Any other advertising which is not sanctioned due to WCF Competition Rules is prohibited.

Competitors who will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (there are 2 third places) in the competitions will be awarded respectively with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and diplomas by Organizing Committee.


Besides the individual victories, at the end of the competition a cup will be presented to the winner (by quantity of gold medals) national federation or team.

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